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Acumen Brands, Inc.

Web Content Specialist 10 Positions Available Web content specialists will manipulate large spreadsheets of item level data from manufacturers. They will standardize the data for quick import into our ecommerce stores, categorize products with appropriate tags, and occasionally write technical product reviews. The successful candidate must be highly organized and extremely proficient with Excel Spreadsheets. […]

How We Built a Robotic Warehouse in 90 Days

Last week, Acumen Brands went live with a warehouse run by killer orange robots.  Only three months ago, we started planning the system.  Last week, we turned the robots loose for the first time.  The moment we launched the system, the efficiency of our ecommerce operation increased more than ten-fold. Sure, Kiva’s now famous automation […]

Nice things

Hey, folks.  This is the Acumen Brands blog, Break Things. My name is Joseph McCormick.  Everyone here calls me Coffee, because I came from Starbucks.  Also, because I drink enough coffee to kill a small animal.  Also, because I have an encyclopedic mind and spent years researching, yeah, coffee.  I call myself Josh.  But everywhere I’ve ever […]