Acumen Brands, Inc.

Web Content Specialist

10 Positions Available

Web content specialists will manipulate large spreadsheets of item level data from manufacturers. They will standardize the data for quick import into our ecommerce stores, categorize products with appropriate tags, and occasionally write technical product reviews.

The successful candidate must be highly organized and extremely proficient with Excel Spreadsheets. Speed and accuracy are a must.

Basically, we’re looking for 10 geeks (or closet geeks) who have off the charts analytical skills. Applicants who have additional skills beyond spreadsheet wizardry would be preferred, but we’re not picky as long as you are fast with a spreadsheet.

Suitable backgrounds and fields of study include accounting, computer information systems, business administration, and perhaps even marketing.

Did I mention that you have to be fast with a spreadsheet? Incredibly fast is preferred, but we will settle for blazing fast.

The job is BYOL (bring your own laptop), but if you’re super special talented we might consider buying you a shiny new laptop and letting you keep it if you stay with us for 12 months or so (seriously).

The ideal candidate is a college intern or a recent college graduate looking for full time employment. Part time and full time positions are available.

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