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Hey, folks.  This is the Acumen Brands blog, Break Things.

My name is Joseph McCormick.  Everyone here calls me Coffee, because I came from Starbucks.  Also, because I drink enough coffee to kill a small animal.  Also, because I have an encyclopedic mind and spent years researching, yeah, coffee.  I call myself Josh.  But everywhere I’ve ever worked everyone has refused to call me that.  No, no.  Coffee is fine – I’m just saying.

I’m generally an extremely opinionated person, so clamoring for this blog apparatus has been high on the priority list.  And by priority list, I mean that I’ve harassed other people about it a lot.

For example, “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if we had an in-house representation of our staff?”

Or, “You know, there’s no transparency with our business on the web.  That’s kind ofabsolutely dumb as hell of us, considering our business centers around it.”

Or, “I bet a lot of the tech guys around here could blow a blog up with cool posts if they just felt comfortable enough to do it.  Or if we had a company blog at all.”

Or, “You know, I had an idea for a great blog post today, but, no blog.  Oh well, huh?”

And even, “I bet we’d already know what’s up about a lot of these problems if our customers, you know, knew us.  Or could approach us.”

This blog is an awesome experimentation nugget.  Not for the industry in whole, I hear a lot of those gents out on those internets do plenty of this sharing your thoughts stuff or even, Heaven forbid, dialoging with customers.  Or even this dangerous, speaking your mind stuff.

Until then, meet some of our awesome sites – ScrubshopperToughweld WorkwearTrailsEdgethe Baby Habit and Country Outfitter.  Buy some things, and I will love you for it.

I reserve the right to rant uncontrollably until they shut this sucker down.

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