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Country Outfitter Partners with Country Music Icon Ronnie Dunn to Distribute His Latest Album, Peace Love and Country Music

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., April 1, 2014 — Country Outfitter, a leading ecommerce company, has partnered with legendary country music artist Ronnie Dunn, formerly of Brooks & Dunn, the most award-winning act in country music. The CD version of Dunn’s new solo album, Peace Love and Country Music, will be available exclusively at starting April 8th. [...]

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Country Outfitter Launches New Business Units, Creates Comprehensive Southern Lifestyle Destination

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., March 21, 2014 — Country Outfitter, a leading ecommerce company, has launched a number of new ways to provide a complete Southern lifestyle experience. The new business initiatives support the company’s expansion as a comprehensive Southern lifestyle destination. As the company continues its exponential growth trajectory, these new programs extend opportunities for Country [...]

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How did Google do a barrel roll?

Posted on 04 Nov 2011 in Almost How-To, Featured Posts, Innovation | 1 comment

Today I learned Googling “do a barrel roll” with quotes unleashed a special easter egg. As a kid who grew up playing the original Star Fox, I LOVE THIS, and as if to add to the geektastic love Google did it with CSS3 transitions and transforms, which makes adult me squee just as much. Here’s [...]

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Marching to the Social Drum Beat, Adding Pin It Button

Posted on 23 Sep 2011 in Featured Posts | Comments Off

Some of our Acumaliens have been loving the life out of the link sharing site Pinterest, so we devs thought, heck, if our users love it certainly our customers will too. Just like that: presenting the ability to Pin It on our Acumen products. Now, if you love the heck out of, say a Ariat [...]

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My Workspace

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(John James, M.D. is the CEO of Acumen Brands – you can follow him on Twitter) Until recently, one of our developers worked on a 9 inch netbook.  He was crunching huge amounts of data on a screen the size of an iPad.  Against his will, we bought him a top of the line laptop… [...]

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Google Theme for June 21, 2011: What do Weird Pink Creatures Have to do with the Summer Solstice?

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This morning, the northern hemisphere awoke to a rather interesting Google doodle.  For all those left wondering what on earth two pink manga-like characters had to do with the summer solstice, we offer the following. The two characters on Google’s home page represent “KaiKai” (the one with the white ears) and “Kiki” (the one with [...]

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