Arkansas-based Acumen Brands operates a portfolio of ecommerce sites in a diverse array of industries. Our talented group of young minds continues to generate amazing growth by innovating, iterating and having a healthy dose of data fanaticism.

Executive Team

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The Acumen team that moves at lightspeed.

John James, M.D.


John James is a family practice physician who, on the last day of his residency, gave up medicine for the adventure of innovation. John paid for medical school with proceeds from his first ecommerce company, a quiz bowl question business he founded from the comfort of his dorm room at the University of Arkansas in 1995. A serial entrepreneur by nature, John has built and sold multiple businesses centered around search engine marketing, including ventures in keyword arbitrage, multichannel niche retail, and hyperlocal online media. John drives the Acumen team to innovate in the extreme. Because, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, all progress depends on unreasonable men.

Terry Turpin, J.D.


Terry is a former attorney, who co-founded Acumen after serving as COO of shopper marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi X. As a partner in ThompsonMurray, Terry oversaw the growth of the startup from three people through its sale to Publicis Groupe’s Saatchi & Saatchi in 2004. He continued to lead the retail marketing division of Publicis until 2007, when the call of entrepreneurship led him again to build something new. Terry guides Acumen’s leadership team, ensuring their talents work together to accomplish the company’s ambitious goals. Because life’s too short for mediocre.

David Echegoyen


Originally from El Salvador, David forged a unique legacy at Saatchi & Saatchi X as the only person to start as an intern and progress to VP of a global business unit. Before the age of thirty David had led multi-functional teams to launch new products, redesign store formats, and create and deploy go-to market strategies in the United States, as well as the UK, France, Mexico, and South Korea. He has led marketing efforts for some of the world’s leading brands, including Procter & Gamble, LG, Walmart, and Samsung. David finds creative solutions to complex business problems through a collaborative leadership style. His secret for driving increasing levels of success: Behave like a family; perform like a team.

Jim Kane


Jim has broad and deep experience in all areas of website technology, including application development, network and system administration, and backend system integration. After receiving his BS in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Arkansas in 1996, he held leadership positions at Egora Group and at NIC USA’s Arkansas division. Jim holds the unofficial record for fastest implementation of a Kiva robotic inventory system, and he relishes the challenges of a hyper-growth business. According to Jim, if you don’t have a rough day every once in a while, you’re probably not paying attention.